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D121E Noir, Support de bureau pour écrans de 13" à 34", 8 kg max

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Good mount.

This mount is basic and great. I've got several setups and have used many different styles of mounts. This mount is simple enough for a beginner, but it's sturdy. So, for anyone that isn't too worried about the aesthetic aspect of the mount, this one is a good choice.I overlooked the end of the screwdriver to be an L wrench/hex key/Allen key. I've got plenty from previous mounts, as well as a multi-tool I picked up at dollar tree that I tend to favor. So I just dug one out of my toolbox. Don't waste your time like me, the L-wrench that is on the other end of the screwdriver is the wrench you'll need to loosen the part of the arm to fit onto the vertical pole.As I said, I would recommend this to anyone looking for a single monitor mount.

Free up space on your desktop

Installation is simple, but please check the edge of your table for proper installation. We have a computer desk with steel brackets around the edges that don't fit.Once installed, it's sturdy and stable enough to keep the monitor where you want it.However, if you have a heavy monitor, I think it needs something else to support it, otherwise I'm afraid it will sag.This is a good design product and I recommend buying it.

Ron WiditzRon Widitz
Excellent VESA desk mount

This product enables a variety of desk mount options, easily attaches to monitor and exceeds my expectations. The quality material is very sturdy and will support a heavy, sizable monitor. Installation is quite easy (with great instructions enclosed) and usage is simple. I'm very happy with this product and truly recommend it.

Straight forward and easy to use and install

Le produit multimédia n'a pas pu être chargé.  Straight forward and easy to use and install, includes extras for different mounting optionsSome assembly is required for this, however when you open it up you wont use the majority of the parts in there. They did a good job at providing options to mount it and because of that there is hardware you probably wont use. I mounted it using the bracket on my desk and it was easy to mount and easy to remove. The arm itself doesn’t tilt but the attached butterfly mount that attaches to the screen does so it lets you tilt the screen. You can easily lift it and lower it (Just don’t loose the hardware to unscrew the special screws). You can also rotate it and expand and contract the arm as well as rotate the arm around the center pole. Meaning I can move my monitor from the corner of my desk to the center, by simply expanding the arm out and over.. I hope my review was helpful to you.

Sturdy - Heavy Duty - Very Adjustable - Great Stand

Great Stand! I've been trying stands for a year to get the right one, and this one works perfectly.I need a stand for the right monitor so that the mount for the monitor isn't in the way for the mouse pad. This mount does the trick.Picture 1 shows the mount on the right hand monitor (27" Dell UltraSync).Picture 4 shows the VESA mount from the stand. Note that they've designed it so that you put the two two screws into the monitor and then "hang" the monitor on the stand. Although that is a great design, and I like it, it didn't work for me. I finally attached the entire arm to the monitor and then slid the arm onto the pole. This isn't a problem with the mount, it is just that my monitor is very heavy and the place I'm trying to install it doesn't have much room.Picture 3 shows the extra parts I didn't use.Picture 2 shows the exact measurements so that you can compare the size to your needs. Note the exact height is shown, and the exact length of the articulated arm. Make sure that your requirement will work with these measurements.NOTE: This comes with all of the tools you need to install, to include three different sizes of hex wrenches - SAVE THESE! I like the fact that they used the exact right size for each use - but it means that you need to save these tools for when you need to make adjustments.


À propos d'ONKRON D121E Noir

height adjustable columns
75x75 - 100x100
height adjustable columns
Charge maximale
8 kg.
height adjustable columns
Aluminium, plastique
height adjustable columns
13" - 34"

Le bras articulant D121E de la marque ONKRON est un support de bureau pour écran PC et moniteurs plats et incurvés pesant jusqu'à 8 kg et ayant une diagonale de 13 à 34 pouces. La fixation est compatible avec la plupart des moniteurs plats ou incurvés : LCD, LED, OLED, QLED, HD, 4K et avec des normes VESA de 75 mm x 75 mm minimum à 100 mm x 100 mm maximum

ONKRON G80 in interior

Vidéo D121E

Le moyen le plus simple pour connaître la taille VESA de votre téléviseur ou écran PC est de la mesurer. Vous pouvez facilement localiser les quatre trous à l'arrière de votre télévision. Mesurez d'abord la distance entre les trous horizontalement, ensuite la distance verticalement. Les mesures sont marqués en millimètre. Maintenant, vous savez la taille VESA de votre téléviseur.

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